Sunday, 31 July 2011

Comparison with the others Blog.

This ribbon hair clip is very trendy and will be looking cute for the user who put it as an accessories in their hair. It will make our hair look tidy and able to make us concentrate in our studies. It will only cost us RM 2.50. cheap2
This bangle is really attractive because it consists a variety of colours and able to make the user look trendy and fasionable. And, i think this bangle is simple and suitable for those who need to move fast. The price itself is very cheaper so it make affordable to everyone.
The name given is Ramba Bracelet. Wow, such a vogue name just like the blog.haha
This bracelet is also attractive because it have a unique design.
Variety shape of Buttons from different image. This is suitable for those who wear scarf and put it as an accessories. Different from others is better than following others people. This is quiet interesting to buy since the blogger sell it with and affordable price list.

arabic night

venue: Auditorium 1 Uitm pahang
date: 27/07/2011

Saturday, 23 July 2011

comparison with other blog =)

Aksesori Kanak Kanak

Hair clip. Made from cotton yarn, Purple, white n pink.

Hair clip pink n dark purple.

For age 3-5 – stretchable, Made from cotton yarn.

Not only are accessories for adults, but there are also accessories for children.


cover of plain


boiled eggs

crystal bracelet


This is one blog that selling accessory for women. This blog not only sells accessories for women, but more than that. It also sells boiled eggs for the wedding. For me this blog is very interesting to visit because I think it's complete it to buy accessories for women and it should be visited. They offer reasonable prices.

Monday, 18 July 2011

mandarin idol ^.*

participants MANDARIN IDOL.

supporter from BM112.

supporter from OM114.

performances from BM111.

performances from BM111.

Events : Mandarin Idol
Venue : DSG
Date : 14th JULY 2011
Time : 8.10 - 11.00 P.M.

MANDARIN IDOL is the first time made ​​in UITM Jengka, PAHANG. They participate of course OM, BM111, BM112 and a total of 13 groups that took part in the competition. Their performances of songs, acting, poems and others.This event runs smoothly and is very is also an activity of MPP. This competition has provided such " MALAYSIAN IDOL ", if performance does not attract the attention of the judges, immediately the judges will give symbol " x " and the group had to stop the show. MANDARIN IDOL is also seen by some students from UITM KEDAH taking mandarin language and end of the match, UITM Jengka, PAHANG on serve with a presentation by UITM KEDAH. Thanks to UITM KEDAH for wanting to entertain us =)

participants from BM111 with his performance " POEMS "

Wednesday, 29 June 2011



5 words besh to describe myself
  • loving
  • caring
  • romantic
  • happy go lucky
  • active
i like to value my friendship by love all my friends like my own family. they are my everything. without them i can't survive at uitm jengka

i love MGT 300 because my lecturer is very polite and kind. besides that, this subject is very enjoyable subject. i hope that i can learn much about IT and get A for this subject.

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